About Aloha Sanitizer

Aloha sanitizer started with individuals whom have pioneered several different types of products. The company was spawned from having a tremendous amount of experience with cosmetics and beauty care. The company focuses on serving both businesses and consumers. Aloha is available in many different sizes and we can customize the product according to your specific needs.

Morals and ethics are our priority values that we hold close. This keeps us true to our product which helps create a positive product that makes environmental sense.

We work better together. While we are busy focusing on both businesses and consumers alike, our individual teams are busy staying committed to offering you a high quality sanitizer for a low competitive cost.

Aloha sanitizer is 100% backed with our guarantee. If you are unhappy with it for any reason, simply contact us to initiate an exchange or return.

About Aloha

 Made In The USA

 No Oily Or Sticky Feeling

 Refreshing Tropical Scent

 70% Ethyl Alcohol

 Wholesale & Retail

 Registered With The FDA