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Aloha Hand Sanitizer Gel

Kills 99.99% of harmful viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi in as little as 15 seconds. Aloha is made in the USA!


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Aloha hand sanitizer gel is made with skin conditioning agents to keep your skin feeling soft and silky. It leaves no sticky or oily feeling like many other brands. Aloha has a soothing and refreshing tropical scent.

It contains 70% Ethyl alcohol as recommended by the CDC.

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How Aloha Hand Sanitizer Gel Works

Simply apply a small amount and massage it thoroughly until dry.

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Variety Of Sizes

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We have a huge variety of product sizes for your warehouse, home, car, office, or anywhere else. Small, medium and large sized units such as gallons are currently in stock.

Want to learn more about us and our hand sanitizer products? Contact us today to learn more!

Why To Choose Aloha Sanitizer

Made In The USA
Aloha sanitizer is made right here in the USA

Registered & Safe
Registered with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

CDC recommended level of alcohol to fight infection

Works Fast
Kills 99.99% of harmful stuff in as little as 15 seconds

Different Sizes
Various sizes for every room, desk, sink or car

Pleasant Fragrance
Aloha has a refreshing, soothing and gentle tropical fragrance


Aloha hand sanitizer will ensure that you, family and friends are protected anywhere you are.